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Jessee Skittrall
Master Designer | Salon Director | ABCH

A 6th generation hairdresser, Jessee has spent his entire life observing studying practicing and perfecting the Art of Hairstyling. Jessee is a full-time hands-on stylist and owner of Enrapture Salon & Spa in Everett WA.

His expertise in product formulation and prowess in designing techniques has made him a much sought after guru by many companies distributing and manufacturing products for use in salons all over the world.

Jessee is an American Board Certified Haircolorist. Moreover he is a keynote speaker and educator for the Board at conventions and seminars around the globe.

Jessees portfolio includes photo print video and runway work from Seattle to New York in the United States and internationally from Canada to Greece. Jessee has been the feature of publications including American Salon, Modern Salon, Northwest Stylist, Vibe,Passion, and InStyle just to name a few.  

Jessee is an avid learner and insatiable when it comes to new technology information as it relates to the beauty fashion and wellness industry. Following in the footprints of giants like Sam Brocato, Vidal Sassoon, Andre Nizetich. Jessee is making his own indelible mark on his craft and everyone around him.

Work Schedule
Friday9am - 6pm
Saturday8am - 3pm

Our Team DNA

Our talented team is committed to one thing;  exceeding our guests expectations by making them feel loved and valued.  We acheive this by working together synergistically by anticipating our guests needs to create a complete experience.

Our talented service providers must pass a rigorous in-house skill certification process before they are able to perform services and take guests of on their own.  This makes our service providers experts in their field.  They have had more extensive training and years of experience and take a leadership role in the salon by educating and mentoring other team members.  In addition they train other industry professionals outside of our salon and day spa.

Our three-tiered pricing structure reflects your service providers demand on time and skill level expertise which includes advanced training, experience, leadership and commitment to their industry.  Each service provider works relentlessly to grow and maintain their skills investing time and money time and money to be at the top of their field. It is our pleasure to provide you with a complimentary consultation and price quote for all services.

We also understand that a change is refreshing from time to time, so we like to let guests know that they do not have to worry about hurting our feelings by having other service providers perform services. We work together as a team and more than one service provider may be working with you at one time.