Reserve a Last Minute Appointment

in 3 simple steps

  1. Review the table above that shows the deals.
  2. Claim- If you want to reserve one of the deals click the "book" button and you will be asked for your contact information.  Please fill out all the fields.
  3. Confirm with our Salon Coordinators.  You will receive an email confirmation of your claim.  Check your spam folder if it has not arrived after 10 minutes.  When the Salon Coordinators get your information they will call you to book your appointment.  This may be the next morning if you are claiming a Last Minute Appointment after hours.  Feel free to call the salon at (425)338-1711 to make sure you get booked in.

Please note:  The claim is only a request and availability is not confirmed until you speak to the salon.   The number of packages available and appointment times are limited.   If no call/no show for your appointment you will be charged the entire amount of the service.  

No Appointment!  Do Not panic!

available deals posted daily for the next day lo later than 4 pm